Specializing in Sports, Wildlife, and Pet Photography


I’ve worked with Tom going on a year now, and his photography is one of a kind. It doesn’t matter the sport, Tom is the best at shooting that event, and finding different angles that brings the action in a different light that’s more than just the game. More importantly, Tom is dependable, very easy to get along with, and will do anything for anyone. I’d encourage anyone if they need a photographer to use Tom.

Kale Steed
Press Pass Sports

Tom is extremely reliable and timely in providing the necessary photos for an event. He will even come to you and ask if something needs to be shot! Tom has shown the ability to shoot a variety of sports and always gives me something which helps effectively tell the story.

Lee Passmore
Amarillo Globe-News Sports Writer

Tom was a school photographer at Weber High School when I first met him on the sidelines taking photos. After that time, while we both attended Utah State University he was at all the home football games taking photos. His passion for excellence is what makes him a great sports photographer, and I have seen his hard work pay off with the quality of photos he provides. I guess you could say we both started our careers with sports at Weber High School many years ago. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom to take your sports photos because he has the gift for capturing that great moment.

Rulon Jones

We have been very pleased with all of the Wildlife photos that Tom as submitted to us for different publications. The details in his photos show that he has mastered the techniques necessary to capture, and create a great wildlife photo. His ability to photograph the animals with creativity, and originality set him apart from many other photographers. Tom’s photos demonstrate to us that he has developed a great passion, respect, and love for the animals he photographs, and we would highly recommend him for any wildlife photography that you might need.

Kaya Berne
National Geographic Wildlife Photo Editor

I first started seeing Tom’s photography work back in 1985 when he was taking photos for the Utah Jazz, and the Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper. We met a few years later at a post game press conference, and the first thing I noticed was his professionalism. He has a great eye for capturing that special play on the court, and his knowledge of the game shows in his photography. He always showed respect for me, and the game whenever he was working on or off the court. His sports photos are truly special, and I highly recommend Tom for all your sport photos.

John Stockton

I met Tom after a football game I played in with Roy High School vs Weber High School. He wanted some photos of me for an article he was doing for the Ogden Standard Examiner Newspaper. He took some great photos that I still have, and cherish to this day. It is great to see how Tom has progressed with his passion for sports photography. I am a big fan of his work even though we went to rival High Schools, and the fact that his favorite Football player is Steve Young. All kidding aside, Tom is very professional in how he approaches the game with his photography, and I would highly recommend him for covering any sporting event for you.

Jim McMahon