My name is Tom Carver, and I am a Certified Professional Sports, and Wildlife Photographer in Amarillo, Texas. Sports is my #1 passion, and I owe all of that to my Father, who always had me listening with him on the radio to a Muhammad Ali fight or watching sports on TV together at a very young age. He instilled in me the passion to watch, learn, understand, and appreciate all sports. Since I never had enough talent to play sports beyond the high school level, I decided to start covering sports through photography. I am a graduate from the New York Institute of Photography, and Southern New Hampshire University with degrees in Digital Photography, and Media Communications. I have been taking photos of sporting events, and Wildlife for over 45 years all over the world in the countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Aruba, Grenada, Puerto Rico, St. Martin, Venezuela, Honduras, Belize, Cayman Islands, Mexico, USA, and Canada. I have taken photos for ESPN, Fox and CBS Sports. Currently I cover all sports in the State of Texas for Press Pass Sports, Amarillo Globe News, Private Businesses, Proud Parents, and other Media outlets as a Freelance Photographer. Just recently my wife (Rosario), and I have started doing Pet Photography as we continue to grow, and expand our business in the local Amarillo area.

“If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.”
-Jim Richardson

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